Prince Paul – A Prince Among Thieves (1999) Flac + 320kbps

1.Tariq’s Delimma (Intro)
2.Pain – (featuring Sha/Breeze)
3.How It All Started
4.Steady Slobbin’ – (featuring Breeze)
5.Just Another Day
6.What U Got (The Demo) – (featuring Breeze)
7.Hustles On, The
8.MC Hustler – (featuring Horror City)
9.The Call
10.Other Line, The – (featuring Breeze/Heroine)
11.Crazy Lou’s Hideout
12.Weapon World – (featuring Kool Keith)
13.My Big Chance
14.War Party – (featuring Horror City)
15.Count Macula
16.Macula’s Theory – (featuring Big Daddy Kane)
17.Mr. Large – (featuring Chubb Rock/Biz Markie)
18.Can You Handle It
19.Put The Next Man On featSha/Breeze/Superstar)
20.I Was In
21.My First Day – (featuring Chris Rock)
22.More Than U Know – (featuring De La Soul)
23.Room 69 – (featuring Sweet Dee)
24.Mood For Love – (featuring Newkirk)
25.The Bust
26.Men In Blue – (featuring Everlast)
27.Central Booking
28.Handle Your Time feat Sadat X/Xzibit/Kid Creole
29.The Rev
32.You Got Shot – (featuring Breeze/Sha)
33.Every Beginning Must Have An Ending
34.New Joint (DJ’s Delite)
35.Prince Among Thieves, A – (featuring Sha)


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