Sticky Fingaz – Autobiography Of Kirk Jones (2000) Flac + 320kbps

1. Intro
2. Come On
3. My Dogz Iz My Gunz (featuring Black Child of the Murderers)
4. Not Die’n
5. Kirk Jones Conscience
6. Money Talks (featuring Raekwon)
7. Why (featuring X-1, Still Livin)
8. Oh My God
9. State vs. Kirk Jones (featuring Rah Digga, Redman, Canibus, Scarred 4 Life, Lord Superb, Guess Who)
10. Kirk Jones Conscience II
11. Baby Brother (featuring Dave Hollister)
12. Cheatin’
13. What Chu Want (featuring X-1)
14. Ghetto (featuring Petey Pablo)
15. What If I Was White (featuring Eminem)
16. Sister I’m Sorry (featuring Choclatt)
17. Get It Up (featuring Fredro Starr)
18. Kirk Jones Conscience III
19. Licken Off In Hip-Hop (featuring Columbo the Shining Star)
20. Wonderful World


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