The Legion – Theme + Echo = Krill (1994) Flac + 320kbps

01. Enter The Realm
02. Jingle Jangle (Ft. Dres)
03. Buddah Break
04. Legion Groove
05. Back In The Days
06. Step To The Stage
07. Makin’ Noise (Ft. Dennis ”3D” Scott)
08. Krill Ill
09. Representando
10. Zootie Bang
11. Once Upon A Time
12. I LIke The Way It’s Goin’ Down
13. Bring It
14. It’s Thorough
15. Who’s It On Part 1 (Ft. Showbiz & A.G.)
16. Who’s It On Part 2 (Ft. Black Sheep & Chi-Ali)
17. The Word Nigga
18. New Niggas
19. The Truth
20. Rest In Peace



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