Thug Life – Volume 1 (1994) [2007 Reissue, Japan Edition] Flac + 320kbps

01. Bury Me A G (feat. Natasha Walker Of Y.N.V.) [0:04:59.84]
02. Don’t Get It Twisted (Without 2Pac) [0:03:19.73]
03. Shit Don’t Stop (feat. Y.N.V.) [0:03:46.16]
04. Pour Out A Little Liquor (2Pac Solo) [0:03:29.44]
05. Stay True (feat. Stretch Of Live Squad) [0:03:09.33]
06. How Long Will They Mourn Me (feat. Nate Dogg) [0:03:53.09]
07. Under Pressure (feat. Stretch Of Live Squad) [0:04:32.44]
08. Street Fame (Without 2Pac) [0:04:00.22]
09. Cradle To The Grave [0:06:13.17]
10. Str8 Ballin’ (2Pac Solo) [0:05:04.56]

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